About Our Boxes – Downsizing can be a colossal task at a very sensitive time. A move requires good organization, planning and the right moving boxes and packing supplies to ensure the move goes smoothly. After all, you are moving valuable, in some cases, priceless possessions and family heirlooms. That’s why Beyond the Fork in the Road uses the strongest moving boxes to ensure they don’t crush under load and that all items arrive safely. Each box is selected for its weight limit and has an “edge crush test” rating appropriate for the items being packed.

boxesMore on Packing – In addition to using the sturdiest moving boxes, we use a combination of packing tape, bubble wrap and packing paper. We leave no empty space in a box but don’t over pack the moving box as well. Each box is labeled with a description of its contents and its destination.

Most damage comes from vibration. Think of china, glassware and other breakables on the bed of a bouncing truck. No matter how well the sides are padded, a firm up-and-down jolt could crack the entire box of items.

We don’t use tape on polished or painted wood finishes as removing the tape could mar the surface. Fragile items may be double-boxed and we add additional cushioning. Mirrors and pictures framed in glass are taped and bubble-wrapped. Small appliances will be packed in their original container if available and cushioned with packing paper. Loose fittings and accessories are removed from all large appliances and packed separately. Movable parts and doors are tied down, taped or wedged.

  • Gas dryers – we contact the gas company to disconnect them.
  • Freezer/refrigerators – we defrost and dry interiors as well.
  • Books – we use medium moving boxes since they are so heavy. We do not mix books with other items. They are packed flat, alternating bindings. We use packing paper to fill empty spaces.
  • Clothing – we use wardrobe moving boxes for dresses, suits, coats which can be used as “extra closets.” Other clothing is packed in large moving boxes which can hold a lot of clothes without creating too much weight.
  • Dishes – we individually wrap each piece and use kitchen moving boxes. All plates, saucers and platters are packed on edge – we do not stack them flat.