About Us

Liz and Nancy both personally experienced the trauma of sorting through years of acquisitions and traveling through decades of memories in the homes of loved ones.  They understand how items that may appear trivial to some may be of value to its owner for sentimental reasons.
Liz experienced the countless hours of sorting through her parents' possessions and, with other family members, having to make the difficult decisions about what to keep, sell, or donate to a charity. She understood the physical demand and emotional stress involved. She saw the need in her community for those who have no one to help.
This need resulted in the formation of a new business, .



Who We Are


Elizabeth Fry, President and founder of – Nationally recognized in the field of aging, Liz brings over 30 years of experience counseling and advocating for older adults in leadership positions at local, state and national levels. She served as a congressional delegate to two White House Conferences on Aging, testified on a variety of aging issues in Congress and was instrumental in passing legislation related to housing needs of the elderly. Raised in a remodeled school house with antiques and vintage items prominently displayed, Liz quickly recognizes items of value thanks to her parents' passion for antiques.



Nancy Ulrich, Logistics Director of Beyond the Fork in the Road - Has over 30 years experience in the healthcare profession working with geriatric patients.  First, as an Interventional Radiologic Technologist in a hospital setting and then with an orthopedic surgeons' practice.  Caring for others has always been top priority in her life.  After witnessing her mother's stress and frustration when moving her into a nursing home in early 2004, Nancy saw the need for a compassionate and empathetic go-between to ease the burden between families and seniors during such life-altering changes.   




Our Core Values

Trustworthiness – It is our privilege to assist you in relocating to your new home. We earn the trust given to us by handling all property, relationships and details with integrity, honesty and trustworthiness.  
Respect – We recognize that items have a value to their owner and honor those feelings by handling all items with respect. We provide options for all of our services and, acknowledging that you are in control of the process, respectfully honor the choices you make. 
Sensitivity – We understand that moving can be a stressful time and we are sensitive to the emotional upheaval that you may experience. We will work beside you in a manner that is supportive, patient, and considerate.
Communication – Good communication is the key to any successful venture. By promoting open dialogue between ourselves and our customers, we are able to understand what is important to our customers and be responsive in a way that is in your best interest. 
Detail Oriented – Attention to detail is the keystone for all we do. Packing is item-specific and destination-specific. From handling change of address notifications to placing utensils in a drawer or making your bed, by contacting Beyond the Fork in the Road you can consider it done!
Environment Sensitive – Our natural resources are precious commodities. We do our best to recycle your items. This minimizes disposing of items that expand our landfills and foul our land or water. What cannot be gifted or sold will be donated to local non-profit thrift shops and organizations. These donations will be itemized to provide you with a charitable tax deduction.