meetingAre you . . .

 Overwhelmed with the results of years of accumulation of things?

 Confused about how to begin to sort and pack?

 Facing difficult decisions about items to gift to family members?

 Short of time and energy to begin the packing process?

 Feeling as though you have lost control?

Our company provides a variety of services to facilitate the entire moving process. All services are provided with sensitivity, respect and professionalism.

When you prepare to down-size or move to other living arrangements, we offer:

Asset Disposition Strategies

will discuss options for disposition of your property which will maximize asset value while simultaneously minimizing expenses. You choose which options work best for you. Options managed directly by us include:

Gifting to family members
Direct Sales


will help you sort through years of acquisitions and memories and assist you in deciding an appropriate disposition of your property. All items will be organized according to your final decision.

Customized Floor Plans

Space in the new location is assessed, as well as any limitations determined by the community. You receive a magnetic floor plan of your new home, complete with your furniture in position. You have the ability to move furniture and visualize your new living space prior to making final decisions about what to relocate to your new home.


has a team of packers who are trained in the proper boxing and wrapping for a variety of items.

box cropClick here to learn more about how we pack.


Beyond the Fork in the Road will contract a moving provider based on their geographic service area and reputation for loading and unloading your valuable items. We handle scheduling to ensure that the packing is complete and ready for the movers. After the move, our team provides light house cleaning.
Un-packing – Furniture, clothing and other items will be moved and carefully un-packed so that your new home is in move-in condition. This is one of our most appreciated services as we place utensils in drawers, dishes on shelves, hang clothing in the closets and even make your bed. All you do is come home and relax.